Personalized Macro Calculation

Personalized Macro Calculation with Emily Field


Emily Field is a real-food Registered Dietitian who teaches individuals a macro-based balanced eating approach so they can finally break up with depriving diet behaviors and nonsense food rules. Through tracking macros and tailoring nutrition around effective exercise, her clients are stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before. They’re also typically enjoying more food and stressing less about their eating habits.


Emily brings her macros expertise to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP community because she understands that while it might take some time to learn the macro-tracking skills, your macro calculation should feel easy to hit with balanced meals made from real, whole food. You should enjoy how you eat! If you don’t, or if it  feels too difficult, you won’t be consistent with your nutrition habits and won’t see desired results.



  • Two sets of macros with gram targets for protein, fat and carbohydrates

    • Low Carb Day —which is meant to be paired with HIIT/Sprint workouts as prescribed by the FWTFL program

    • Regular Macro Day—which is meant to be paired with strength training workouts as prescribed by the FWTFL program

  • Specific instructions on:

    • Why your macros have been set the way they are

    • How to use your macro sets

    • How to measure progress

    • Other lifestyle behaviors that could enhance progress towards your unique health, body composition, athletic performance goals

    • When to modify your macros, if applicable, because your health status or situation is anticipated to change



  1. Submit payment below.

  2. Complete the questionnaire you are sent with as much detail as you can.

  3. Wait 7-10 days for an email from with your Personalized Macro Calculation. Please understand that this email address is not monitored, and all questions should continue to be funneled to FWTFL VIP Facebook Group.



Our firm stance for getting a Personalized Macro Calculation is this: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.


If, when you follow your current macro sets, you feel great and are seeing improved body composition results—as evidenced by progress picture changes and/or body measurements changes—no Personalized macro calculation consult is necessary.


Here are some reasons that warrant opting in for a personalized macro calculation:

  • You have lost a significant amount of weight (20+ pounds) since starting the Faster Way to Fat Loss® and you don’t wish to lose any more weight. The adjustments you’ve tried to make on your own are not slowing weight loss. Or, alternatively, you’ve lose a significant amount of weight (20+ pounds) and you have plateaued in your weight loss and you don’t know how to adjust your macro goals to support lean muscle building, and additional fat loss.

  • You have consulted with your doctor or other qualified professional about lack of fat loss results and can confidently rule out hormonal influence (think thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction) as potential contributors.

  • You have consulted with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP mentorship team via email or Facebook about lack of fat loss results and can confidently rule out unmanaged stress, poor sleep or food sensitivities as potential contributors.

  • You prefer a vegan or vegetarian eating pattern and find it difficult to cycle carbohydrates according to MyFitnessPal macro and calorie recommendations.

  • You are training for a physical event like a marathon or triathlon, or engaging in strength or conditioning workouts like Crossfit, Orange Theory, F45, etc. and plan to continue to navigate both FWTFL workouts in addition.

  • You have trouble hitting your prescribed macros most of the time because you are hungry, tired, and/or craving. You frequently think about or fantasize about food. You overeat, overindulge and/or binge eat because it seems too hard to stick to your current macro calculation. You are unusually sore after your workouts as compared to your peers. You have trouble motivating yourself to exercise and/or struggle to get through a workout due to apathy.

  • You are injured or undergoing a planned surgery and will not be able to participate in any activity for at least 3 months.


    • You are fully or partially breastfeeding and are not able to meet demand. You are fully or partially breastfeeding and are hungry, tired and/or craving food.

    • You have a personal health history or family history of Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, endometriosis, and/or insulin resistance and find that eating higher fat, rather than higher carbohydrate feels much more supportive to you.


    • You want to put on significant strength and size. Building lean muscle takes time, strength training and eating enough of the right stuff (read: protein and total calories). My Fitness Pal recommendations are likely not appropriate for you at this stage.



The number of Personalized Macro Calculation clients are capped every month due to the high volume and need. Typically, macros sets can be slightly adjusted to fit your needs, but do not require a significant shift or change sooner than six months. Check here if you understand that Emily Field, RD and her team reserve the right to refuse a personalized macro calculation if you have opted in for one in the last six months.



  • Who is actually setting my macros?

    • Emily Field and her team of experienced registered dietitians will review the feedback from your online questionnaire to create a custom macro set. No online calculators here! She will take your food preferences, health history, and macro tracking experience, in conjunction with the other information in your questionnaire, to help find the best macros to support you and your goals.

  • How can I get more help from Emily Field. RD for hitting my macros accurately?

    • WOMEN ONLY: Emily Field, RD is available to help in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP Facebook community. Tag her in your posts and she will answer your questions!

    • MEN ONLY: Feel free to email your questions but please understand that this email address is not monitored regularly, however brief clarification and follow-up questions are welcome to that email address listed above.

  • Am I a good candidate for a personalized macro calculation?

    • Revisit the information in the [WHO IS THE PERSONALIZED MACRO SET FOR] section above.

  • I am seeing results right now, but I am curious about getting a personalized macro calculation. Should I purchase it?

    • The number of personalized macro calculation clients are capped every month due to high demand, so we recommend that you wait until you truly need this service. Remember, small tweaks can be done on your own and through the help and support of your VIP Facebook community and mentors.


*Refunds not issued after purchase.

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